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Twice a Week Scooping

We scoop twice a week starting at $18 per visit.

  • 15 min
  • Starting at $36

Service Description

After initial cleaning, our trained technician will professionally provide two scoops per week and spot treat those heavily soiled areas with deodorizer, leaving your yard ready to enjoy. This service is ideal for customers with medium or larger size dogs and price includes up to two dogs and 1/4 acre. Waste will be double bagged and disposed in your waste bin. If you have more than two dogs or larger yards, each additional dog is an additional fee of $5 per visit and $10 per extra 1/4-acre increment. All twice a week scoops are prebilled on a monthly basis and is based of 52 weeks per year. This provides equal, easy billing year-round. There is contract and you can cancel at any time with notice. We offer to haul away the waste and deodorize, sanitize or disinfect the entire yard for an additional charge.

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